Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Battle #3 Seedot Vs Pockysticks

"He survived? Outrage-ous!"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: -
Retires: -
Changes: -
Battles since last blog: None

Small aesthetic changes: the team count on my video, a background behind my opponent and, as I'm not going to blog every battle, I've added a section detailing how many battles I've had since my last blog. Hope you like! As I won the last two games, I found it unnessesary to alter my team, although I am weary of my Hypno only having one attack move. I found my opponent on the clan channel on IRC called #pawnstarz on Purplesurge: he had won against an opponent I lost miserably against before I started blogging so I decided to take him on.

Game Analysis:
I thought it started off looking bad, the opponent was able to quickly get up his Light Clay'd screens and Stealth Rock, but I was able to get a Rapid Spin in with little damage sustained and the screens disappeared before I had to chase off his Gyarados attempting to set up on me with my ever-handy Life Orb'd Tauros. Sadly his life was ended by an unexpected Scarf'd Zapdos (I do wonder if that works) but Tauros had already slain a valuable Pokémon so it wasn't a big deal. I thought it was all over when Dragonite fired off a DD'd Outrage at my only Pokémon who could really deal with bulky ole Dragonite, but thankfully Swampert showed he's a an armoured beast. From then on, it was some mind games with Infernape and victory.

-Speedy Venusaur suprising yet another foe
-The ease of getting rid of Stealth Rock: sometimes it costs me my Donphan
-The suprising bulk of Hypno and Swampert
-The foe's well-set up game at the beginning
-No hax either side
-The mind games with Infernape

-His Swellow. What was up with that?
-He ran too early, but I guess a Scarf'd Zapdos can't have killed a team of 5
-My overenthusiasm to use Wish as Hypno
-Although it didn't really affect him this match, he has 4 Pokémon who are weak to Rock and none that resist it

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battle #2 Seedot Vs Marshal

"Don't U-Turn Away, Mr. Wright Rules Here (A Song About The Bird Burned Out To Ashes)"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: Swampert
Retires: Glaceon (1 games)
Changes: Donphan (EVs: Att+ Def-)

Game Analysis:
I probably shouldn't have recorded this battle, I won handily. The opponent didn't really make any glaring mistakes (bar Tauros' item), his Pokémon were just a little... off-tier. Some unlucky shizzle going on with Moltres v Tentacruel and Tauros in general though.

-Tauros proves his worth once more, but also shows a lack of luck
-Hypno can function fine with only one aggressive move
-The fine start I made
-Recovering from Donphan's mistake, thanks to Hypno
-Props to the opponent for trying to use non-standard Pokémon...

-...it's a shame it didn't work. Special Sweeper Kecleon is useless (more so) in standard, and as for Bastiodon, well...
-The opponent was a little too happy to just let me set up (Hypno v Machamp)
-Not knowing that Donphan would have Ice Shard. Why else would I have sent him out?
-The late game: just lining up Pokémon for thrashing is no fun.
-Not noticing that Tauros had Life Orb was a little careless.
-My luck! Poor Tauros.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Battle #1 Seedot Vs Tim

"Turnabout Breloom"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: Debut team. Choice Scarf Glaceon is on trial.
Retires: -
Changes: -

Game Analysis:
It seemed like a no brainer victory until Breloom graced my presence. I should have kept Tauros out, I'm not sure why I didn't! Major mistake right there, I should of known he would have sub'd instead of used Spore right away. He played rather poor, especially the fact he just let his Dusknoir die when he could have won the match by keeping alive and letting Weavile take the Ice Beam. Breloom also brought to my attention how much Donphan needs more attack EVs. My Moltres was scarfed by the way. All together, it wasn't a great battle, but at least I secured victory despite my mistakes :)

-I played Tauros vs Aerodactyl well. Life Orb Tauros rocks!
-Keeping Moltres alive no matter what. It was worth it.
-The recovery from the misprediction of the first turn. Intimidate for the win.
-My end game, or rather...

-...the poor end game of the opponent.
-My Donphan was too weak and my Hypno was too easily walled
-Some poor playing around Breloom
-Having two choice scarf Pokémon was a bit excessive
-I overpredicted at times, for example the first turn
-The opponent not expecting Insomnia Hypno and how he played Machamp as though Moltres couldn't touch it. It threw me at first, but after that it was just odd.

My Blog

Hello! First, if you do not like Nintendo's marvelous RPG monster battling series Pokémon, then turn away now. This blog is dedicated to my battles on Pokémon Platinum.

I am a small-time trainer, I don't have time to play it very often and I'm not known on any sort of forum or anything, probably because I mostly lurk (and perhaps due to the fact I don't win all that much ). I have been following the metagame on a competitive basis since the RSBots on IRC, during the '386 era' (ie. after all of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen were included but before the advent of the FireRed and LeafGreen move tutors), I've not been a newbie but I've not been great at battling. I have been playing the games since Red and Blue, and although battling computers is vastly different from human opponents, it has given me the basic kinds of knowledge so I don't tend to make the 'used earthquake against Bronzong' sort of mistakes, etc.

My battling style attempts to be a breath of fresh air: I tend to favour UU and BL Pokémon or OU Pokémon used in different ways to the norms but very rarely the very OU Pokémon like Garchomp, Heatran, Blissey etc. I use Smogon to get a bit of a reality scope on my teams (ie. what kind of threats I'm looking at) but I devise my EV spreads myself and a few sets, too. I don't tend to be very successful however.

Anyway, this blog is to track the progress of my team(s) using videos. If you do watch a battle, commenting or following my blog will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading.