Saturday, November 22, 2008

Battle #1 Seedot Vs Tim

"Turnabout Breloom"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: Debut team. Choice Scarf Glaceon is on trial.
Retires: -
Changes: -

Game Analysis:
It seemed like a no brainer victory until Breloom graced my presence. I should have kept Tauros out, I'm not sure why I didn't! Major mistake right there, I should of known he would have sub'd instead of used Spore right away. He played rather poor, especially the fact he just let his Dusknoir die when he could have won the match by keeping alive and letting Weavile take the Ice Beam. Breloom also brought to my attention how much Donphan needs more attack EVs. My Moltres was scarfed by the way. All together, it wasn't a great battle, but at least I secured victory despite my mistakes :)

-I played Tauros vs Aerodactyl well. Life Orb Tauros rocks!
-Keeping Moltres alive no matter what. It was worth it.
-The recovery from the misprediction of the first turn. Intimidate for the win.
-My end game, or rather...

-...the poor end game of the opponent.
-My Donphan was too weak and my Hypno was too easily walled
-Some poor playing around Breloom
-Having two choice scarf Pokémon was a bit excessive
-I overpredicted at times, for example the first turn
-The opponent not expecting Insomnia Hypno and how he played Machamp as though Moltres couldn't touch it. It threw me at first, but after that it was just odd.

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