Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battle #2 Seedot Vs Marshal

"Don't U-Turn Away, Mr. Wright Rules Here (A Song About The Bird Burned Out To Ashes)"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: Swampert
Retires: Glaceon (1 games)
Changes: Donphan (EVs: Att+ Def-)

Game Analysis:
I probably shouldn't have recorded this battle, I won handily. The opponent didn't really make any glaring mistakes (bar Tauros' item), his Pokémon were just a little... off-tier. Some unlucky shizzle going on with Moltres v Tentacruel and Tauros in general though.

-Tauros proves his worth once more, but also shows a lack of luck
-Hypno can function fine with only one aggressive move
-The fine start I made
-Recovering from Donphan's mistake, thanks to Hypno
-Props to the opponent for trying to use non-standard Pokémon...

Con's:'s a shame it didn't work. Special Sweeper Kecleon is useless (more so) in standard, and as for Bastiodon, well...
-The opponent was a little too happy to just let me set up (Hypno v Machamp)
-Not knowing that Donphan would have Ice Shard. Why else would I have sent him out?
-The late game: just lining up Pokémon for thrashing is no fun.
-Not noticing that Tauros had Life Orb was a little careless.
-My luck! Poor Tauros.

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