Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Battle #3 Seedot Vs Pockysticks

"He survived? Outrage-ous!"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: -
Retires: -
Changes: -
Battles since last blog: None

Small aesthetic changes: the team count on my video, a background behind my opponent and, as I'm not going to blog every battle, I've added a section detailing how many battles I've had since my last blog. Hope you like! As I won the last two games, I found it unnessesary to alter my team, although I am weary of my Hypno only having one attack move. I found my opponent on the clan channel on IRC called #pawnstarz on Purplesurge: he had won against an opponent I lost miserably against before I started blogging so I decided to take him on.

Game Analysis:
I thought it started off looking bad, the opponent was able to quickly get up his Light Clay'd screens and Stealth Rock, but I was able to get a Rapid Spin in with little damage sustained and the screens disappeared before I had to chase off his Gyarados attempting to set up on me with my ever-handy Life Orb'd Tauros. Sadly his life was ended by an unexpected Scarf'd Zapdos (I do wonder if that works) but Tauros had already slain a valuable Pokémon so it wasn't a big deal. I thought it was all over when Dragonite fired off a DD'd Outrage at my only Pokémon who could really deal with bulky ole Dragonite, but thankfully Swampert showed he's a an armoured beast. From then on, it was some mind games with Infernape and victory.

-Speedy Venusaur suprising yet another foe
-The ease of getting rid of Stealth Rock: sometimes it costs me my Donphan
-The suprising bulk of Hypno and Swampert
-The foe's well-set up game at the beginning
-No hax either side
-The mind games with Infernape

-His Swellow. What was up with that?
-He ran too early, but I guess a Scarf'd Zapdos can't have killed a team of 5
-My overenthusiasm to use Wish as Hypno
-Although it didn't really affect him this match, he has 4 Pokémon who are weak to Rock and none that resist it

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