Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Battle #4 Seedot Vs Xjizzle

"Sandstorm Rape"
My Team:
Opponent's Team:

Team: Standard #1
Debuts: -
Retires: -
Changes: -
Battles since last blog: Two; both against the same person. I won the first match, he beat me in a rematch. I have the video of me winning, but it was a bit of a dull match, so I didn't bother.

Well, I haven't battled in a while, my focus recently has been on my Little Cup page I'm constructing and Animal Crossing: City Folk which recently came out in the UK, but I logged in on #pawnstarz the other day and the revered clan leader, Xjizzle, challenged me and here I am. He's somewhat a God among the clan!

Game Analysis:
Well, my team never could cope well with Sandstorm teams, whenever I battle one I think about adding a weather changer just for cancelling the storm... I made a number of silly mistakes, the notable ones were how I handled Empoleon (two mistakes there!), being too prediction shy with Donphan (my instinct told me to use Earthquake but no... I played it safe) and the very first turn: i shoulda known Pursuit hits through U-Turn. He was also a top notch player, always keeping one step ahead except with the Pursuit on Tauros, but it hardly cost him anything. A worthy loss indeed; next time I shall be in better forme!

- A hax-free game, with the possible exception of Hydro Pump missing: to be fair though, the odds of hitting three times out of three are 50/50, so it wasn't exactly improbable.
- A well-played game by the opponent
- Empoleon's nigh-on perfect usage

- My prediction was way off
- I let certain Pokémon just die: while some didn't even do anything
- I made stupid mistakes!

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